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                 one customer at a time

Experts expect the retail industry to change more in the next few years than it has in the last fifty, and it’s all because of the customer. Your customers want an impressive journey, with real-time product information, secure and convenient payment options and always-available information. Today, a host of solutions are available to retailers to engage customers, gather analytics, and interact with customers while they shop. 

If you are looking for ways to optimize the newest technologies in your retail operations, our experts are here to help. From choosing the right devices for your solution to managing the logistics of an infrastructure upgrade, our experienced team is ready to work with you.

     Retail Technology Solutions 
  1. Marketing Supply Chain Services
    Marketing Supply Chain Services
    - Gain valuable insights into current processes and identify areas for improvement - Improve distribution and logistics strategies - Reduce inventory waste by up to 50% - Lower cost of acquisition by up to 30% - Leverage reporting to enable fact-based marketing decisions - Boost speed to market
  2. Packaging Supplies and Services
    Packaging Supplies and Services
    - A comprehensive line of packaging supplies and equipment supporting a wide range of industries​ - Packaging line evaluation – best configurations, automation and material flows - Training on equipment setup and operation - State-of-the-art eCommerce and EDI ordering platforms - Real-time access to management reporting - Industry-leading distribution practices for accurate and on-time orders - Cost management and savings programs
  3. Facility Supplies and Services
    Facility Supplies and Services
    - Get the facility supplies and packaging materials you need to run your business - ​Evaluate your current sourcing and supply strategies and processes - Uncover and document significant opportunities for supply optimization - Create custom solutions (with the right products, processes and costs) that are specific to your business and key objectives - Update to state-of-the-art technology applications and eCommerce ordering - Deliver guaranteed results and cost savings
      Has poor or inconsistent packaging material damaged  your  
                      product or threatened to shut down your operation?  
​​Every organization seeks new ways to cut costs and streamline processes; however, the best way to achieve this varies greatly from industry to industry. Our experts understand the best practices for your particular industry and can customize the most ​​​efficient solution to meet your facility, packaging and/or marketing needs.

We provide expertise that goes beyond the product to help our customers identify improvement opportunities — both process efficiencies and cost-savings — specific to their situation. We then implement strategies and supply programs that drive bottom-line results. As a result, each of our programs is as unique as the clients we serve. ​​​​

Packaging Supplies and Services
Packaging material supply issues can cripple a business. We know the importance of a no-fail supply chain. Every day, leading manufacturers, food processors and logistics companies count on North American for all of their packaging needs. 

  • Products, equipment, parts and services designed to reduce production downtime and material waste.

Marketing Supply Chain Services
Success in marketing is measured by your ability to promote products and services in order to satisfy customer demands and generate sales. The people, process and technology involved to accomplish this is what we call the Marketing Supply Chain

  • Sales collateral, point-of-purchase displays, promotional products and technology solutions.

Facility Supplies and Services
We deliever the right products, to the right place, at the right time — for the right price.

  • Restroom supplies, food service disposables, cleaning supplies, computers, equipment, service and training.

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